How to choose LED Downlight Fixture?

A LED Downlight Fixture (also called a recessed light, canister light, or can light) is a LED light fixture that is installed in a ceiling, in a way that the light source is recessed above the plane of the ceiling. A downlight is most often used to provide general lighting in a specific space.

Here we take example of Everbright 4inch LED Gimbal Light and Everbright 4inch LED Slim Panel Light. They are both dimmable, IC and Airtight-rated, quick and easy to install. Gimbal Light has beam angle of 40°, which is narrower than Slim Panel Light (120°). The Gimbal Light, with a narrow beam angle, is best used for accent light since the light is to be concentrated onto surfaces. While LED Slim Panel Light, with a wide beam angle, is best used to provide a uniform level of ambient lighting in a room or space.

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